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Wigan Brewhouse are distributors of real ciders from Gwynt y Ddraig from South Wales and Thistly Cross from Scotland and deliver to pubs, bars and restaurants throughout the North West.

We stock a range of over 35 Ciders and Perry’s sourced from these artisan producers in 20 litre draught bag-in-boxes.

Real cider is quite simply a drink made from whole apples that have been pressed and then fermented. Not all real ciders are made the same way as some cider makers put in extra fruit, sometimes even different types of fruit.

Others will pasteurise or filter their ciders but we believe this doesn’t alter the fact the cider remains ‘real’ as it is still made in the traditional manner. Our definition of real Perry is the same but is a drink made from whole pears that have been pressed and fermented; with no cider apples added.

Please contact us for a full stock list which will include changing guest ciders. If you would like to buy from us, or need further information, please contact us.

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