“A pale ale infused with award winning Blue Sky Blend Tea”

For ages we had wanted to brew a tea infused beer and we did it first with a local disabled football team, AFC Masters. It’s a Pale Ale, lightly hopped with Summit & Mount Hood from the U.S.A and infused with award winning Blue Sky Blend Tea, by way of a giant muslin tea bag, dunked in the copper at the end of the boil.

The tea is kindly provided by of J.Atkinson & Co of Lancaster. In creating Blue Sky Blend they went for sweet distinctive flavours of Pink Grapefruit and the delicate embellishment of Blue Cornflower petals. How do you take your tea, sorry beer? With one lump or two!

June 2015 – Now also available in 500ml bottles from the brewery and:

J.Atkinson & Co, Lancaster

Great Ale Year Round, Indoor Market, Bolton.

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