”A saffron coloured ale with a dry finish from juniper berries”

Gin Pit was a coal mine operating on the Lancashire Coalfield from the 1840s in Tyldesley, Gtr. Manchester. Brewed with Maris Otter pale malt, plus low colour Cara for sweetness and a touch of Munich malt, with Perle hops used for bittering and Motueka and Calypso for aroma.

It’s a saffron coloured ale with a smooth malt balance and floral aroma with a twist; a dry spicy finish from the Juniper berries and other gin botanicals (lemon and orange peel, coriander, liquorice, orris root and angelica root) added to the conditioning tank. This makes for a sweet and fruity beer balanced with the natural acidity of the botanicals.

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